• Arthur H @ Phi center

Arthur H @ Phi center

Antoine Saint Maur aka Santoz is helping PHI centre with his project 'in studio with Arthur H'. 

Twelve cameras are shooting non stop Arthur H and his friends (Patrick Watson, Fran├žois Lafontaine, Mishka Stein, Robbie Kuster, Mathieu Parisien and Jean Massicotte) recording their new music record. Using hidden cameras and microphones we were capturing everything to create a web live stream of what was happening in the studio.

Watching those guys work was so interesting. They are so talented and inspired.

It was a new kind of live TV reality where content is interesting and meaning-fulll. 

As the VJ of the team I was taking care of the on-the-fly editing and live visual effects. 

The recording sessions lasted for 5 days. Priceless moments.

here are some small edited video files to give you a glimpse of what happened there: