LUX experience @ Lumieres HK

LUX is an interactive experience blending projection mapping, holograms, virtual and real light painting. It was presented in Hong Kong during the Lumieres HK festival. 

With LUX Experience, visitors to Lumieres Hong Kong had the opportunity to collaborate in making a work of light-art. First, guests step inside the LUX Booth where they strike a pose and become the focal point of a luminous self-portrait. Then, they can get creative with their self-portrait and with the help of light painters, using real and virtual light brushes, surround themselves with colourful glowing strokes. Once their personal artwork is complete, it’s shown on the booth’s outer display, and guests receive a GIF to share on social media and take away from the experience as a souvenir. The artworks will be projected onto the iconic façade of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, lighting up the Hong Kong night as part of the Lumieres Festival’s magic.