Metafunken | Gu-Side | Hololo App

Gu Side song by Metafunken
Showcasing the Hololo AR application prototype.

Hololo is an AR app concept allowing musicians, VJs and dance performers deliver realtime live shows in Augmented Reality through audience personal phones.
3D scenography movements and audio reactive visuals are controlled live during the performance.

Bass: Eric Lamothe
Drum: Vincent Ravary
Keys: Olivier Salazar
Trumpet: Rachel Therrien
Handpan and composition: Antoine Saint Maur
Baritone Saxophone: Patrice Luneau

Choreography and performance: Axelles Munezero

Hololo app dev team:
Production and Direction: Antoine Saint Maur
Creative Development: Jean Christophe Leclerc-Massé
Creative Development: Philippe Provencher
Technical Direction: Eric Gallant:
Lighting Technician: Marie Lune Falardeau
Sound Engineer: Eric Lamothe
Production Coordinator: Émilie Caron
Studio Coordinator: Alexandre Casabon

The Hololo app was developed in collaboration with new media studio Float4 and supported by Xn Quebec. We would like to thank Studio Obvious C, Mildred Bois, Xn Quebec, Float4 team and Studio Lamothe for their help.