Ubisoft Party @ SAT

This is a non official video edit made by Santoz about UBISOFT's christmas party @ Society for Art and technology [ SAT ] in Montreal Canada.
The video is focused to the performance of five video artist: Diagraf, Zef, Santoz, Aziz and Tind, in an immerssive environment 'Satosphere'.

I would like to thank all of you that made it possible:
Louis-Philippe St-Arnault, Dominic St-Amant, Jolyanne Mathieu, Mathieu Morasse, Joseph Lefèvre, Olivier Réhaume, and of course all the talented teams from Tandem, Ubisoft and SAT.

Live Visuals // Diagraf, Zef, Santoz, Aziz, Tind, Jocool
3D videos // Mathieu Morasse
3D video's music // Gyslain Lecroulant
Live music // DJ Mini and A-Rock

Camera: Zef and Santoz
Edition: Santoz
Music: Santoz / Circuit Romance

Society for Art and technology [ SAT ]